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The Galleon Resort was built in 1983 and sold out in 1990. It has, arguably, one of the most successful resale programs existing in the timeshare industry. Being at the point of resale means that as an owner you are a member of our homeowners association. You therefore have input into decisions regarding the running of the resort and the budget. This is very important in the ongoing quality of a timeshare resort. The other side of the resale program is that our inventory is extremely limited. When good listings come in they tend to sell that very day. However, I keep in constant contact with potential buyers and will make every effort to assist you in owning your piece of Paradise. Pricing on Galleon weeks varies greatly depending on the time of year, location of the suite, and most importantly, the motivation of the seller. Like in any real estate transaction, some people are more anxious to sell than others. To discuss prices and availability, please contact me.
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